Rose and buds in garden

The Five Loves—and the Greatest of These Is Agapē

The human forms of love known in the Greek as epithumia (physical desire), eros (romantic love), storge (love for family members/those with whom we “belong”), and phileo (friendship/companionship love) can be elevated to what God intended for them to be when they’re infused with the divine love of agape. These four human loves are like flowers that can flourish in the garden of agape.

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A Philosophy of Evangelism, Part 5: Lifestyle Evangelism & Integrating Discipleship


About this series: Developing a biblically rooted philosophy of evangelism can greatly enhance the effectiveness of outreach and evangelism ministries. In this final part of a five-part series (see part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4), Dr. Boa wraps up this series by discussing the approach of lifestyle evangelism as well as “what comes after evangelism” (discipleship).

In recent years,

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