8 Spiritual Essentials (at First Redeemer): #1 Ambition to Please God

Genesis 11 tells the story of the Tower of Babel, an act of rebellion against God’s command to fill the earth; this event symbolizes human endeavors to seek glory for ourselves (versus for God) and to define the “good life” apart from God, versus allowing our Creator to define the good life for which He made us. God puts a stop to the tower by confounding people’s language and scattering them abroad.

Ken Boa draws parallels between the Tower of Babel and today’s environment, in which our unified language of technology has made human endeavor possible on an exponential scale, at an unprecedented pace. Ken references Thomas Friedman’s book Thank You for Being Late, which homes in on 2007 as a major inflection point in history—marking the advent of the smartphone, cloud-based computing, and other technologies. He then relates these recent developments to Scriptures about the end times such as Daniel 12:4 (“many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase”).

This chapter in Genesis also includes a genealogical line that traces the descendants of Shem to Abram, the key figure of the next portion of Genesis.

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8 Spiritual Essentials (at First Redeemer): #1 Ambition to Please God

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