On the Sanctify of Human Life: Lessons from Isaiah 5

Prophets held the unique position in their worlds of proclaiming the truths of God to a people that was often too hardened to hear it. The prophet was witness to a world that would rather trade repentance for wrath.

The recorded messages of these mouthpieces of God provide for us today lessons in human history, timeless warnings even of our own wanderings, missteps,

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Thanksgiving Prayer

Reflections Vice President Michael Stewart continues a sermon series on prayer at GraceLife Church of Pineville, inspired by Ken Boa’s Handbook to Prayer. Some summary notes on the sermon’s introduction are found below. 

Reason for Celebration

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of our American holiday season. Conversation among Christians during the holidays often turns to the question of why (and perhaps even whether) we should celebrate.

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