Judges 2: A Pattern of Idolatry

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The book of Judges stands as a sad, stark contrast to the book of Joshua. Whereas the people of the conquest obeyed the Lord under Joshua’s leadership, they quickly fell into rebellion after his death. Because they had set aside God’s law, their enemies were defeating and oppressing them.

Judges 1 gives us the first clue that everything is not going as it ought—the Israelites were unable to drive out all the inhabitants of the Promised Land.

A Broken Covenant

Judges 2 gives us the reason for this failure: the Israelites had broken their covenant with God. In relying on their own strength and forming covenants with foreign gods, they ended up hindering themselves.

Obedience is the source of your true vitality. When you choose to go your own way instead of God’s way, you are diminishing your capacity for intimacy and power. The more you know God, the more you will love Him and pursue Him, conforming your life to His will.

A Pattern of Idolatry

There are seven cycles of sin in the book of Judges. In each cycle, the Israelites become corrupt, disobeying God and ignoring His law. They then fall under the oppression of their enemies as a result of their disobedience. When this happens, they cry out to God for deliverance, and God raises up a judge to save them.

This pattern played out over and over again because the Israelites compromised their convictions of faith and adopted Canaanite practices. Likewise, we too will be vulnerable to the world when we compromise our faith and do not walk in an intimate relationship with our Lord. Sin always leads to servitude, but service to Christ is really our perfect freedom.

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