Church Leadership Resources 

Reflections Ministries exists to help others love well, learn well, and live well. To this end, we offer a broad array of resources for church leaders that touch on everything from apologetics and cultural issues to bible studies and discipleship. If your church is interested in using our materials, we invite you to peruse the categories below.


Reflections Ministries has an extensive video catalog encompassing a variety of topics that fall within our threefold emphasis of Loving, Learning, and Living. To start with, we recommend you subscribe to our Reflections YouTube channel.

Explorers Podcast

Featuring Dr. Kenneth Boa, Stuart McAllister, and Cameron McAllister, Explorers is a weekly podcast that explores how we love well, learn well, and live well in today’s culture.

Bible Studies

For over 30 years, Dr. Boa has faithfully led Bible studies in which he seeks to apply Scriptural wisdom to our everyday lives. If you’re interested in one of Dr. Boa’s groups, click here for more information.

Books and Study Guides

With over 40 books in publication, Dr. Boa has written extensively on the Christian life. Touching on everything from discipleship and the spiritual life to leadership and the stewardship of wealth, Dr. Boa’s books aim to equip Christians to love well, learn well, and live well. Many of these books come with study guides. If you’re interested in teaching one of Dr. Boa’s books at your church, click here.

Book Speaker

Are you interested in having Dr. Boa speak at one of your events? Kindly fill out this Speaker Request Form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.