Corporate Spirituality: Part 12—Accountability and Rule

Ken Boa reviews the previous session’s discussion of counseling and servant leadership. He then moves into a discussion of accountability in the body of Christ. This area can be taken to an extreme; some totally ignore accountability to others, while others take a harsh, authoritarian approach to accountability that can do more harm than good. A balanced view “esteems the value of being in relationship with people who loves us enough to take the risks of honesty and candor when necessary.”1

Related to accountability and our corporate life together, a “rule” refers to a pattern of disciplines practiced by a community (as in the Rule of St. Benedict); this type of pattern can be agreed upon with friends or among members of a larger community, or it can be a personal rule. Either way, a rule should be guided by a spirit of true freedom, with a desire for increasing skill in the spiritual life, not by rigidity or legalism.

Note: This session is based on material in chapter 36 in Ken’s book Conformed to His Image. 

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  1. In Kenneth Boa, Conformed to His Image, p. 444.

Corporate Spirituality: Part 12—Accountability and Rule