Daily Encouragement Day 103 – 2 Kings 4

It is evident in this and the following chapters that Elisha indeed received a double portion of Elijah’s spirit.  There are many parallels between the miracles of Elisha and those of our Lord, and the analogy has been made that Elijah is to Elisha as John the Baptist is to Jesus.  Certainly the miracles of the increase of the widow’s oil, the resuscitation of the Shunammite’s son, the miracle of the deadly stew, and the multiplication of the loaves all foreshadow the miraculous ministry of the Lord Jesus.  Elisha displayed compassion and concern for those around him and provided for their needs.



Lord, I am grateful for the ministry of Elisha and for the ways in which he typified Christ Jesus in his life and compassionate ministry.  Thank You for the ways in which You have manifested Your character and nature through Your servants the prophets.

Meditation passage for today: verses 37, 44