Daily Encouragement Day 115 – 2 Chronicles 35

In his responsiveness to the reading of the Book of the Law of Moses, King Josiah commanded that the people celebrate the Passover to the Lord for the first time in years.  This was the greatest celebration of the Passover since the days of Samuel the prophet.  Josiah was a capable leader whose passion and commitment for the Lord was contagious.  He was able to rally the priests and the Levites and all Judah and Israel who were present.  During his days, the people followed his lead by committing themselves to the Lord, but after his death, these reforms were quickly abandoned, and the people fell under the sway of a succession of four godless kings who brought the kingdom of Judah to ruin.



Lord, this brief interlude of righteousness offers a cameo of what might have been had Your people remained faithful to You.  Seeking their own interests above Yours, they brought about their own destruction.  May I be careful to seek Your interests first.

Meditation passage for today: verses 16-18