Daily Encouragement Day 127 – Nehemiah 9

When the children of Israel gathered for a day of national fasting and penance, they heard a reading from the Book of the Law of the Lord and responded with a period of confession and worship.  Their spiritual leaders guided them through a beautiful and powerful psalm of praise for the great deliverances of the Lord.  This psalm recalls the work of God in creation, the calling and covenant with Abram, the deliverance of Israel from Egypt through the Red Sea, the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai, the rebellion of the people in the wilderness, the faithful provision of God, the conquest of the land, the kingdom, their unfaithfulness and consequent captivity, and a plea for restoration.



Lord, You have always proven Yourself faithful to Your people in spite of our unfaithfulness and rebelliousness.  May I remember Your many good works on my behalf and cling to You.  Fill me with Your Holy Spirit so that I will walk in Your grace and power.

Meditation passage for today: verses 6, 17, 31