Daily Encouragement Day 136 – Esther 9

On the day appointed for the destruction of the Jews, the Jews throughout the provinces gathered and overpowered their enemies instead.  Fear of them fell upon all the people, and they were able to defeat their adversaries.  In the capital city of Shushan, the Jews killed five hundred enemies, including the ten sons of Haman.  Esther requested that her people in Shushan be granted an additional day to defeat their opponents, and this was carried out.  To commemorate their deliverance and victory, Mordecai and Esther decreed that the Jews celebrate an annual feast of Purim, named after Pur, the lot Haman had cast to fix the date for his decree to be enacted.



Lord, You are able to transform our sorrow into joy, and our travail into laughter.  Thank You for this beautiful portrait of Your subtle but sovereign work.  Help me remember the bigger picture of Your power and grace so I will abide in hope in times of adversity.

Meditation passage for today: verses 17, 22