Daily Encouragement Day 138 – Job 2

When Satan presented himself once again before the Lord, God affirmed Job’s continued blamelessness in spite of Satan’s heinous work of bringing disaster on Job’s possessions and children.  The Adversary pressed his previous claim that Job still served God because of His benefits, and pointed to Job’s physical health.  This time, the Lord allowed Satan to attack Job’s person, but not to take his life.  Satan immediately struck Job with painful boils all over his body, so that the pain was excruciating and unabated.  Now reduced to nothing, Job still maintained his integrity and renounced his wife’s advice to “Curse God and die!”  When Job’s three friends came to comfort him, they found him unrecognizable.



Lord, I can only wonder how I would respond under such adverse circumstances as these.  Yet I know that other saints besides Job have endured as much and held fast to You.  I ask for a heart of gratitude for Your many benefits and tender mercies, as well as a heart that loves You above all these.

Meditation passage for today: verse 10