Daily Encouragement Day 139 – Job 38

The Book of Job records three cycles of debate between Job and his friends (first cycle: 3-14; second cycle: 15-21; third cycle: 22-26) that increase in emotional intensity as Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar claim that Job is suffering because of his sins while Job defends his innocence with growing vehemence.  Job’s responses, including his closing monologue (27-31) become increasingly self-righteous as he accuses God of not listening to him and of unjustly punishing him while allowing the wicked to prosper.  Elihu finally speaks and urges Job to humble himself while God purifies him through the trials he is experiencing (32-37).  The Lord Himself ends the debate by speaking to Job of his power and wisdom in creating and sustaining the world and all its creatures (38-39).



Lord, I realize that I am too nearsighted to understand what You are doing, and that I cannot read chapters 1-2 to glimpse the heavenly reasons for what is happening in my life.  Let me understand that You are more concerned that I trust You than that I understand You, since Your ways exceed my own.

Meditation passage for today: verses 2-7