Daily Encouragement Day 152 – Psalm 104

This beautiful hymn of praise explores the entire created order as a testimony to the glory of God and His wonderful works on every level from the great to the small.  It begins with the majesty of God Himself and journeys from the heavens to the earth.  The psalmist considers the large-scale features of the earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and land masses, and focuses in on the rich variety of creatures that inhabit this planet, including wild donkeys, birds, vegetation, trees, wild goats, rock badgers, lions, and sea creatures.  Everything comes from the hand of the Lord, and it is He who sustains all living systems.  When God’s people meditate on the creation, they renew their appreciation for His greatness and glory.



Lord, may Your glory endure forever, and may You be glad in Your works.  May my meditation be pleasing to You, and may I be glad in the Lord and rejoice in all You have done.

Meditation passage for today: verses 1-2, 24, 31