Daily Encouragement Day 166 – Ecclesiastes 3

The need for satisfaction and significance in life drives most people to pursue these things in the wrong places—in the created order rather than the Creator of order.  Ecclesiastes, written by a king (evidently Solomon) whose abilities, assets, and attainments are far beyond our own, is a road map that shows us where the human quest apart from God ends up.  It is a warning, by a person who had it all, that the world will never satisfy our deepest longings, since these can only be satisfied in a relationship with the living God.  This is because we have been created in His image, and thus He has “set eternity in [our] heart” (3:11).



Lord, You have made everything appropriate in its time.  You have also set eternity in our heart, yet so that no one can find out the work which You have done from the beginning even to the end.

Meditation passage for today: verses 1, 11