Daily Encouragement Day 170 – Isaiah 40

This beautiful chapter dramatically introduces the prophecies of comfort that conclude the Book of Isaiah.  It is with sorrow that Isaiah announces in the first 39 chapters that the kingdom of Judah will go into captivity because of her continual rebellion against the Lord.  But chapters 40-66 proclaim a glorious message of future hope and blessings for the people of God.

Isaiah 40 opens with a word of comfort and anticipation of God’s personal deliverance and grace for those who look to Him.  With magnificent poetic imagery, the wisdom, sovereignty, majesty, and perfect ways of God are unfolded.

READING of Isaiah 40


Lord, I thank You for Your lovingkindness, Your infinite wisdom, Your limitless power, Your wonderful beauty, and Your authority over all things.  I take comfort in Your changeless character and I wait upon You alone.

Meditation passage for today: verses 11, 25-26, 31