Daily Encouragement Day 347 – 2 Peter 2

Having affirmed true prophecy, Peter warns of the dangers of false teachers who deny the truths of the gospel and seek to captivate others (2:1-22).  He not only denounces their teachings and conduct, but also anticipates the divine judgment they will receive.

In contrast to the external dangers of persecution of the Christian community in Asia Minor that Peter addressed in his first epistle, his second epistle confronts the internal dangers of false teachers that threatened to corrupt the body of believers in both doctrine and practice.  The focus of 1 Peter is suffering for the sake of commitment to Christ, while the focus of 2 Peter is knowledge of the truth in a context of misleading errors.  Peter’s first epistle deals with the implications of spiritual birth, and his second epistle stresses the importance of spiritual growth.



Lord, may I come to know the truth of Your revealed Word so well that I will be able to quickly discern and avoid the influence of false teaching.

Meditation passage for today: verses 1, 9