Daily Encouragement Day 80 – 1 Samuel 8

It is ironic that when Samuel grew old, his two sons became as treacherous and rebellious as Eli’s two sons had been when Samuel was a boy.  The people of Israel did not want Samuel’s sons to succeed him as judges but instead clamored for a king to rule over them like all the nations.  Thus, Israel rejected the theocracy and opted for a monarchy.  Samuel warned them of the consequences of this action and what it would cost them to submit to the authority of an earthly king.  But the people refused to listen to Samuel’s warning and insisted on having a visible king to judge them and fight their battles.  The Lord instructed Samuel to listen to them and grant their request.



Lord, I realize that it is easy to clamor for things You know are not best for me.  By Your grace, protect me from myself so that I will not pursue something I will later live to regret.

Meditation passage for today: verses 7-8