Daily Encouragement Day 90 – 1 Kings 1

As David was declining, his kingdom was in jeopardy of usurpation by Adonijah.  David had made it clear that Solomon was to be his successor (1 Chronicles 22), and Nathan the prophet was alarmed about this course of events that was taking place without David’s knowledge.  He quickly acted by arranging for Bathsheba to speak to David on behalf of Solomon and then appearing before the king himself.  The king responded by arranging for Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet to anoint Solomon king and to have him sit on David’s throne before the people.  When Adonijah saw that his plot to take the throne was defeated, he requested and received mercy from the new King Solomon.



Lord, in spite of multiplied human efforts to act independently of You and to refuse to heed Your Word, Your sovereign purposes are never thwarted by the devices and desires of men.  I thank You that Your Word is truth, and that nothing can prevent it from being fulfilled.

Meditation passage for today: verses 29-30, 48