Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 108

From Handbook to God’s Promises


Orphans No More
(Zephaniah 3:20)

A dark pall fell on the proud history of England in the days following World War II. German bombing had decimated London, and, as a result of deaths and the strains of war, many English families had abandoned their small children to orphanages. History has not revealed the clear reasons for this action, but the population transported literally hundreds and hundreds of war “orphans” (many with parents still living in England) to Australia, apparently to help populate that burgeoning part of the empire. Nearly a half-century later, the grown children discovered the truth—they were British, not Australian, and many had parents alive in England whom they had never seen.

The prophet Zephaniah prophesied to the inhabitants of Judah about a time to come when they too would feel like orphans; a time after the coming day of the Lord. Because of their sin, God was going to bring destruction on the cities of Judah. The prophet called for the people to “Seek the Lord . . . . Seek righteousness, seek humility” (Zeph. 2:3), while prophesying about the coming exile. But the people’s disobedience would soon separate them from the God they had neglected.

In a similar way, we are orphans as well. Because our first parents, Adam and Eve, ran away from their heavenly Father, we who are their descendants come into this world with a deep sense of spiritual estrangement. Thankfully, God reached out to restore His relationship. Zephaniah promised the people of Judah that He would bring them home (3:20). And Paul says that God has restored us as children and heirs (Rom. 8:14–16).

When we come to know Christ, God’s Spirit tells our human spirit that we are home—we have found “Abba,” our true spiritual Daddy. His lap is large and luxurious, and He beckons us to come near. We receive His love now and will continue to do so in the future as His heirs, destined to share His eternal glory. 

If you sometimes sense that you “aren’t home,” it may be that you’ve never met your true Father. Or perhaps you do know Him, but still don’t know Him like you need to. If so, pray that the Holy Spirit will show you your true spiritual Father. Then get ready to unpack your bags and stay forever. 

God’s Promise:
When you find God, you find a Father who will never leave you.