Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 13

From Handbook to God’s Promises


Knowing Where God Is
(Job 38:1–38)

Backyards are great places to learn about who we are and who God is. Here’s how: Select a tall, skinny tree or pole that is not surrounded at its base by other bushes or growth (you need to be able to see its shadow clearly). Check your local weather report for the week and choose a day when there will be few clouds in the sky. Starting early in the morning, go out and mark the location of the tree’s shadow, and do so every hour during the day until sundown. Given your location and the time of the year, at the end of the day you should have an arch or pattern of markers indicating the steady movement of the shadow.

Lesson: The markers on the ground represent the arch of our lives—the changes we have and will experience. But God is firmly rooted, always consistent, eternally reliable. God, who has set up “the ordinances of the heavens” (Job 38:33), is like the sun. Unlike shifting shadows, James tells us God never moves (James 1:17). Take an extra moment to read Job 38 (if you didn’t already), one of the Bible’s most picturesque testaments to God’s power and permanence.

Now let’s take this metaphor in a different direction. The movement of the shadows, representing the changing seasons of our lives, is not a problem. In fact, the consistency of the shadows makes life on earth possible. And for the believer who stands in the light of God’s will, the course of the shadows—indeed, the course of life itself—will lead to a predictable end: in heaven, with God, for all eternity.

The same God who built consistency into the movement of heavenly bodies is consistent with His children. Since there are no arbitrary or capricious movements with God (just as the sun doesn’t jerk from place to place in the sky), the believer is the child of a trustworthy Father. And trustworthy fathers produce secure and trusting children. Such children can look back at the “markers” of their lives and see a pattern that they know will be reliable, right to the end.

God’s Promise:
You never have to wonder about who or where He is.