Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 136

From Handbook to God’s Promises


Wealthy in Wisdom
(Proverbs 2:1–11)

Northern California was transformed by the accidental discovery of gold in 1848. Within seven years, more than three hundred thousand prospectors and fortune-seekers from all over the world had descended on the region. The stampede was repeated in Australia in 1851, Nevada in 1859, and the Yukon Territory of Canada in 1897.

Precious metals have always represented wealth of the most accessible kind—in the ground, “free” for the taking. But, except for a few rare instances where large deposits were actually stumbled upon accidentally (the largest nugget ever found, 156 pounds, was turned up by a wagon wheel in Australia in 1869), prospectors discovered there was nothing “free” about getting gold and silver. Most spent more than they made, and many died in pursuit of phantom riches.

Nonetheless, King Solomon said that obtaining wisdom was a lot like mining for precious metals and “hidden treasure.” Were Solomon here today, he might say, “You have to dig for wisdom as though you were a California ‘Forty-Niner,’ and search for it like you were on a quest for the hidden treasures in the Pharaoh’s tombs. You have to turn your ear to it, apply your heart to it, call out for it, and cry aloud for it. But when you do (if you do), you will become a wealthy person—a person wealthy in wisdom.” And Solomon knew what he was talking about, because he had possessed both precious commodities: wisdom and gold.

No prospector ever knew in advance whether the dirt in which he was digging would yield anything more than disappointment. Not so with the search for wisdom. When you dig in the mountain that is God, you will find wisdom: “For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.”

How does one find wisdom? Mine God’s Word, be on your knees in prayer, talk to others about their discoveries. Finally, if you refuse to give up, “wisdom will enter your heart” (Proverbs 2:10).

God’s Promise:
The wealth of His wisdom awaits your diligent search.