Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 16

From Handbook to God’s Promises


The Founder’s Vision
(2 Timothy 3:16–17)

When Ron was offered a job with a privately held consulting firm, it was after months of applications and interviews. He couldn’t wait to discover what it was that made his new employer so focused—and successful.

On his first day, he sat in his boss’s office and began his orientation. “Ron,” his new boss began, “because we’re a privately held company, we don’t have to answer to stockholders for how we do business. We only have to answer to ourselves. However, that actually is more difficult since historically we have maintained some pretty high standards.” Later in their meeting, Ron’s boss gave him two manuals. The first one, the smaller of the two, was like a book—permanently bound. The other, larger manual was in a loose-leaf notebook with tabbed dividers. “Here’s how we stay on track, Ron,” the boss explained. “The smaller book I’ve given you is affectionately referred to around here as ‘the bible.’ Our founder wrote it. It contains the history of the company, his vision for our market and products, and the values and principles by which we operate. It’s really the heart of the company, the first thing you need to read and absorb—and reread continually. The other manual, as you can tell, is changeable. You’ll constantly get updates and revisions because it covers the strategies we’re developing on all of our current long-term projects.

“Here’s how I like to differentiate between the two books,” he continued, smiling. “If you get assigned to work on a desert island, and you are allowed to take only one book, take the smaller one—‘the bible.’ It contains the values and principles from which you can rebuild the other manual. Our philosophy is that we become equipped to develop strategies for our customers only as we perpetuate our core values and vision. Keep ‘the bible’ with you and you’ll remain qualified to do what we do.”

Sound familiar? It should. This company’s “bible” plays the same role as the real Bible plays in our faith.

The Word of God teaches us, rebukes us, corrects us, and trains us in righteousness, thoroughly equipping us for every good work. So in case you find yourself marooned on one of life’s desert islands, keep the Founder’s Bible at hand.

God’s Promise:
If you will internalize the Bible, you will manifest God’s heart.