Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 175

From Handbook to God’s Promises


Lord Over All
(Mark 5:1–15)

Dr. Dick Hillis, founder of Overseas Crusade (now called One Challenge, or OC International), told of a startling incident from his mission days in China. When called to the village of a “sick” man, he encountered a person whom he sensed was under the control of demons. Having little experience with such realities, he relied on his belief that Jesus Christ has authority over Satan and all his demons. He and some other Chinese believers sang the hymn “There’s Power in the Blood” together, then commanded the demons to come out of the man by the authority of Jesus Christ. At the very moment of the afflicted man’s deliverance, a village dog lying asleep outside the man’s hut jumped up, ran around madly in circles, and fell over dead!

We know from the life and ministry of Christ that Satan and his demons are real and that they can inflict terrible harm upon the unprotected. But we also know that Christ is Lord over all spiritual forces and that, in Him, we find deliverance and protection.

The situation Dr. Hillis witnessed in China is, of course, dramatically similar to that of the demonized man Jesus encountered on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. This man lived in the tombs, was strong enough to break metal chains with which people had tried to bind him, and had mutilated himself with sharp stones. But the multitudes of demons who lived in him (they declared their name to be “Legion”; a Roman legion consisted of as many as six thousand soldiers) more than met their match in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The infinite scope of Christ’s spiritual authority was demonstrated that day. “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth,” Jesus said (Matt. 28:18), and to His word all beings, spiritual and physical, must submit.

Until all the spiritual forces of evil are forever consigned to captivity (Rev. 20:10), there is only one safe place to be: in Jesus Christ. Christians who devote their lives to Jesus live under the protection of the One who is Lord of all.

God’s Promise:
No number of demons can resist the authority of God’s only Son.