Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 191

From Handbook to God’s Promises


No Accidents with God
(Genesis 50:20)

History is filled with ironies that stand as a worthy defense for the idea that Someone is at work behind the scenes. Consider a young Jewish zealot named Saul, who took part in the persecution of the early church. By helping to kill Stephen, the church’s first martyr, Saul only managed to cause the church to flee, go underground, and grow (Acts 7:54–8:3). Without a doubt, God has demonstrated an uncanny knack, to use human terms, for turning the evil intent of some people into results that are good for others.

Or consider the story of Joseph. Next to the death of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:23), Joseph is quite possibly history’s greatest example of God transforming evil into good. While a slave in Egypt, Joseph was raised by God to a position of authority second only to Pharaoh. When the region where his family lived experienced a famine, God used Joseph’s authority to provide “the Hebrews”—the seventy-odd members of Jacob’s family—with a place to live in Egypt. Thus, God’s chosen people survived.

But the irony increases. The Hebrew shepherds were detestable to the sophisticated Egyptians. So detestable, in fact, that Jacob’s family was placed in a corner of Egypt so that the natives wouldn’t have to intermingle with them (Gen. 43:32; 46:34). Later, after the Hebrews had been made slaves, they remained virtually untouched racially for four hundred years. By the time of the Exodus, they had grown into a nation of several million people.

Have you experienced anything, especially something ill-intended, that made you wonder, “Where is God?” If you are His child, rest assured. Because there are no “accidents” with God, there are none with you either. Keep your faith and confidence in the God who causes all things to work together for good.

God’s Promise:
You have never been in an “accident.”