Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 28

From Handbook to God’s Promises


Responding to a Trustworthy God
(2 Samuel 7:27–29)

For many people, there’s nothing more exciting than a big hole in the ground. Exciting, that is, if that hole represents the first stage in the building of their new home.

For many families, new home construction becomes a celebrated event. Four nights out of seven they bundle up the kids after dinner and drive out to the construction site to see what’s been done that day. As they turn onto the street, they imagine the many years ahead when they’ll be coming here after work. And, over time, as they watch the building rise from the foundation, all the careful planning, all the details that have been deliberated and decided upon, as well as their substantial financial commitment, finally pay off. Under these circumstances, moving day becomes an absolute celebration!

King David already lived in a beautiful house (2 Sam. 7:1). He had probably watched his royal home rise from its foundation with a pride that paralleled that of the families described above. But something also gnawed at his spirit, even as he enjoyed the splendor of his new home.

David lamented the fact that he, as king of Israel, lived in a beautiful new palace while God, as King of the universe, lived on earth in a tent—the same tired tabernacle that had centuries before been carted through the desert for forty years. He wanted to build God a temple in which to live (2 Sam. 7:2). God’s answer was that David would build a spiritual house, not a physical one. Instead, David’s son would be the one to build God’s temple (vv. 12–13). David’s prayer of thanks to God reflects his awe and wonder that God would be so good to him. Read the entire prayer (vv. 18–29) to gain insight into the kind of person David was. In the process, observe an example of an appropriate response to God’s amazing generosity and an expression of faith in God’s promises for His family.

What kind of edifice are you prepared to build in your life to honor your trustworthy God? God’s promises are a sure foundation on which to build your life. And as time passes and you come to see more and more of God’s promises fulfilled in your own life, you’ll gain a perspective on what your spiritual “house” looks like. Exciting, isn’t it?

God’s Promise:
God would never tell you anything that is not the truth.