Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 281

From Handbook to God’s Promises

God Is Trustworthy

Lamentations 1:18: Reaping the Consequences

Jeremiah, the author of Lamentations, believes that the destruction of the Holy City in 586 BC is a direct result of Israel’s rebellion against God. Because the Lord is righteous, He acts according to His holy covenants. Israel breaks her part of the agreement, so the inevitable consequences take over.

We might be tempted to assume that just because God offers His grace, we will avoid reaping sin’s consequences. Yet we may suffer, despite God’s promised forgiveness, for our rebellion. God has designed human laws and natural consequences to mete out justice. However, God will walk through those experiences with us, restoring our lives (Psalm 71:20), creating “new things” (Isaiah 42:9), and reshaping our lives to work for His purposes (Romans 8:28). Even while undergoing discipline, we can trust in His undying love.