Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 29

From Handbook to God’s Promises


Truth over Time
(1 Kings 8:56–61)

Time brings perspective. Have you felt this in your own life? The actions of your coworker that so angered you last week are understandable in hindsight. The financial reversal that you thought would crush your family budget now seems to have been just a good lesson in belt-tightening. And the rough period you went through with your teenager brought back the memories of your own headstrong years. Time is a key ingredient in the recipe of life. It adds perspective like nothing else can.

Time certainly heals and soothes difficult experiences, but it also humbles us when we go through good times. And let’s face it—we do go through good times. In fact, most of our times are good times. Compared to the experience of many people groups, the church in the Western world is remarkably blessed. The bumps in the road that we experience don’t impede our forward progress; they only make clearer in our minds that God can be trusted. His promises are good, and we are doing the right thing by believing and depending on Him.

When we have those moments of insight that awaken a renewed sense of trust in God and His plan, we become the spiritual and emotional grandchildren of King Solomon. The day he led Israel in the dedication of the temple in Jerusalem, he was filled with praise for God’s trustworthiness.

In a great blessing spoken over the people, Solomon focuses on four things: First, that God has given His people rest as He promised. Second, that He has kept all of the promises He gave to Moses. Third, Solomon asks that God continue to be with His people as He has been with their fathers. Fourth, he asks that God will turn the people’s hearts to Him, that they will always keep the covenant He has made with their fathers.

Look at the historical references that Solomon makes. On that dedication day, Israel enjoyed blessings that were promised first to Moses and the patriarchs before him. The perspective of time made it obvious that God spoke the truth and could be trusted. If they saw it then, how much more clearly should we see it now?

God’s Promise:
Time only makes God’s truthfulness easier to see.