Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 301

From Handbook to God’s Promises

The Promises of God’s Living Word

John 1:40: Tell Everybody

When John the Baptist sets up his revival camp in the wilderness, proclaiming, “Make the way of the Lord straight” (John 1:23), the Pharisees question him about his identity. Is he a prophet, or does he claim to be the Messiah? But John quickly points them to Jesus. And the day Andrew meets and recognizes the Messiah, he dashes off to tell his brother, Simon Peter. Together the transformed brothers mature into faithful disciples.

In the same way, when we truly find the Messiah, when the reality of His identity sinks deeply into our souls, we will not be able to keep Him to ourselves. The gospel is so life-changing that our passion will naturally draw others to the Savior.