Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 45

From Handbook to God’s Promises


Rooted in the Word
(Psalm 1:1–3)

Between 50 and 90 percent of the weight of living things is made up of water. Imagine yourself reduced in weight by 70 percent, as if all the water were removed from your body. Imagine the huge tree in your yard reduced in weight by the same percentage. Imagine all living things around you reduced in weight and size by 50 to 90 percent, and you get a graphic image of the importance of water to life. Another way to picture our dependence on water is to realize that, in the United States, the average daily usage of water per person is one hundred gallons.

While water is precious to those living in the developed nations of the world, consider how much more precious it was in the arid desert regions of the Old Testament. There, water represented life. Going without water for very long would result in certain death. The most valuable pieces of property in the biblical world were those with wells or springs. People and animals could not survive the desert heat without consistent and abundant supplies of water.

Given that reality, it is all the more significant that the author of Psalm 1 uses life-giving water as a metaphor for the Word of God. Just as water provides life to a tree, causing it to have lush foliage and fruit in season, so God’s Word bears fruit in the life of the one who drinks deeply of it. As the roots of the tree are continually absorbing moisture from the soil, so God’s people must meditate constantly on the Word of God. It must provide the same delight and refreshment as a drink of cool water would to a weary traveler. And if one chooses not to consume God’s Word—instead listening to the words of the wicked, going in the direction of sinners, or spending time with mockers—he or she will dry up and be blown away like chaff.

Remember the bucket image from Day 2? Is your spiritual bucket full or empty? Are you thirsty? Are you ready to bear fruit for God? Then drink deeply of the Word of God, sinking your roots into His truth. And get ready to gain some spiritual weight!

God’s Promise:
Your spiritual vitality comes and goes with your consumption of God’s Word.