Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 5

From Handbook to God’s Promises


How Do You Say “Eureka”?
(2 Kings 5:15)

Archimedes, a Greek mathematician, engineer, and physicist, was trying to figure out how to measure the volume of an irregular solid object and thereby determine the purity of a gold object. When he finally arrived at the solution, he supposedly exclaimed, “Eureka!”—or, “I found it!” (in Greek, of course).

What do you do when you find something for which you have been looking? Two things can be measured by your response: the value of the object of your search, and the gratitude you feel upon its discovery. For instance, what happens if you find the paper clip that you dropped in your office? You don’t shout, “Eureka!” and tell your co-workers. You clip the papers and move on. And if you can’t find it, you instantly replace it with another one. Conclusion? An individual paper clip has little value in the workplace. It is cheap to begin with, easily replaced, and not worth the cost of the search.

But some things in life are more valuable than paper clips; they have infinite, immeasurable value. In the Old Testament a pagan army commander named Naaman had lost something that had great value to him: his health. Naaman and his king agreed to spend a considerable sum on gifts (750 pounds of silver and 150 pounds of gold, among other things) to the person who could cure his leprosy. When he experienced God’s healing through Elisha, Naaman concluded that the world’s only true God was the God of Israel. Based on his confession and what he was willing to pay to regain his health (though Elisha refused the gifts), it was obvious that Naaman had found something of great value. In truth, he found more than health—he found life in the God of Israel (2 Kings 5:17–18).

Perhaps, like Naaman, you have found that the one true God does exist—the God who is revealed in creation and in Scripture. If you have, there is only one gift that can express the value of what you have found. In fact, it is the only gift God will accept: the gift of a heart devoted to Him. That’s how you say “Eureka!” in the kingdom of God.

God’s Promise:
Your heart is the most precious gift you can give to God.