Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 51

From Handbook to God’s Promises


God the Master Craftsman
(Ephesians 2:10)

Some things in this world are known simply by the name of their creator. Take, for example, a Stradivarius. Antonio Stradivari (1644–1737) was an Italian craftsman who perfected the design of the viola, the cello, and the violin. While some of the changes and designs he perfected are documented, there is great debate over exactly what made his instruments, especially his violins, produce such beautiful tones. Some say it was the varnish he mixed and applied; others credit the designs. But, thanks to their quality and rarity, the value of an authenticated Stradivarius today is almost inestimable; owning one places a person in an exclusive group indeed. 

When a master at any trade or art produces his or her work, it sets a standard by which all others in the genre are compared. Part of the value of a masterpiece comes from what it “does,” its enduring beauty or usefulness, while the rest comes from the craftsman who produced it. A Rembrandt, a Gutenberg, a Michelangelo, a Picasso—all are objects of enduring value and worth, and all reflect upon the creative genius of the craftsman. A gifted workman creates and produces. The creativity—that which sets him or her apart from all others—is reflected in what is produced. 

Paul says that the believer in Christ Jesus is a work of enduring value, the creative workmanship of God Himself. When God “creates” a new believer in and through His Son, Jesus Christ, there is a dual wonder at work. First, the creativity of the Master Craftsman. No two believers are the same! No one in the world or the Body of Christ is like any other. Each of us is even more distinctive than a hand-fashioned Stradivarius. But second, every individual was created for good works. We have an enduring purpose on this earth. Without a knowledge of our purpose, we are like a priceless violin without its bow.

A Stradivarius can either gather dust on a shelf or be used to thrill the hearts and souls of music lovers. The same goes for believers. If need be, dust yourself off today and begin discovering the good works that God had in mind at your creation.

God’s Promise:
You are His unique, purposeful, and beautiful creation—an eternal masterpiece.