Daily Encouragement: Year 2, Day 57

From Handbook to God’s Promises


How’d He Do That?
(Ephesians 3:20–21)

Feats of strength amaze us. We can witness a heavyweight power-lifter at the Olympics launch over five hundred pounds from the floor and hold it over his head. We can watch a swimmer or runner “topple” a world record (by a margin of a few seconds . . . or tenths of seconds). “Wow, now that’s impressive!” we say to ourselves. “Unbelievable. How’d he do that?” 

It’s a good question. We know all too well the limits of our own human power, and we simply don’t expect people to perform much beyond that level. In our minds, the rule remains unchanged: Humans can only do so much. And since we’re so steeped in our own limitations, we sometimes make the mistake of creating God in our image and applying human limits to Him: Humans can only do so much, therefore God can only do so much. But this statement could not be more off-base. And an inaccurate understanding inevitably leads to an anemic underachieving when it comes to relying on God’s ability to work in our lives. How God could use us if we would only believe that He wants to and has the power!

Paul told the Ephesian Christians that there are no boundaries to God’s power, no limitations on His abilities. God is always able to do more than anything we could ask or imagine. God is never unable to demonstrate His power far beyond our ability to conceive. While He may choose not to demonstrate His power, that choice is based on His purposes, not on His potential.

And what is the nature of this power? Paul says earlier in Ephesians that the same power God exerted when He raised Jesus Christ from the dead (1:19–20) is the power that is at work within us (3:20). No wonder Paul shouts, “Glory!” (3:21) at the thought!

You may drop your jaw at a weightlifter’s feat, but you can drop your burdens at Jesus’ feet. Nothing is too hard for Him. He has power over all things—including the problems and opportunities in the lives of those who believe in Him.

God’s Promise:
Resurrection power is already at work in you.