Daily Prayer: Year 2, Day 140

From Handbook to Prayer


May I honor my father and my mother. (Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 5:16) 

May I not murder. (Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 5:17)

May I not commit adultery. (Exodus 20:14; Deuteronomy 5:18)

Pause to add your own prayers for personal renewal. 


In You, O Lord, I have taken refuge;
Let me never be put to shame.
In Your righteousness deliver me and rescue me;
Turn Your ear to me and save me.
Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go;
You have given the commandment to save me,
For You are my rock and my fortress. (Psalm 71:1–3) 

  • Faithfulness as a Steward
    • Of time
    • Of talents
    • Of treasure
    • Of truth
    • Of relationships
  • My activities for this day
  • Special concerns


O Lord God of Israel, You are righteous, for we are left this day as a remnant. Here we are before You in our guilt, though no one can stand in Your presence because of this. (Ezra 9:15) 


  • Spiritual revival
  • Local government
  • State government
  • National government
  • Current events and concerns