Daily Scripture: Year 3, Day 1

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 1

READING: Genesis 1

Genesis, the book of beginnings, provides us with a cosmic perspective on the foundation of the heavens and the earth as well as the climax of God’s creation—humans who have been created in His image and likeness. In the first three days God orders His creation, and in the last three days He populates it. Day 1 corresponds to day 4, day 2 to day 5, and day 3 to day 6. At the end of the sixth day, God was pleased with His creative work and declared it “very good.”

In this chapter we discover our true dignity as people who have been created by and for God as His image-bearers, and we see the extensive authority with which He entrusted us.

Prayer: Lord, I am amazed at the diversity, beauty, and complexity of Your creation. Heaven and earth are full of the majesty of Your glory, and the created order points beyond itself to You. Give me a greater sense of wonder and awe at all that Your have done, and do not let me take Your wonderful world for granted.

Meditation passage: verse 27