Daily Scripture: Day 123—Nehemiah 4

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Nehemiah 4

Under Nehemiah’s leadership, the people of Jerusalem began the construction of the city wall with each group working in the area of their habitation. Seeing this, their enemies Sanballat and Tobiah sought to dishearten the people by mocking their efforts, but Nehemiah prayed and encouraged the people to continue. Alarmed at the progress of the work, their enemies plotted to attack and confuse the Jews, but Nehemiah prayed, put them in readiness, and encouraged them to continue. Half of the people stood guard while the other half continued the construction, and in this way they continued to progress without being intimidated by the threats of their enemies.

Lord, I thank You for the balance of dependence and diligence illustrated in this chapter and for the godly leadership of Nehemiah, who encouraged, exhorted, and equipped the people to continue the work to which You called them. May I also press on in Your calling and stand firm in You in spiritual warfare.

Meditation passage: verses 9, 14