Daily Scripture: Day 13—Genesis 22

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 13


Over the years of walking with the Lord, Abraham learned to trust God’s voice and obey it. As his faith grew, the Lord increased the level of risk, and the supreme test recorded in this chapter revealed on the outside what God had been working for years on the inside. For Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, the son of the covenant through whom Abraham’s descendants would be named, it would mean that the only way the promises could be fulfilled would be for Isaac to rise from the dead (Hebrews 11:19). God was pleased with Abraham’s demonstration and honored his faith by providing a substitute for his son.

Prayer: Lord, I am stunned at the level of trust and obedience Your servant Abraham exhibited in his willingness to risk everything on Your command. I ask that I would learn to trust You more and more and let loose of the things that would compete with my allegiance to You.

Meditation passage: verses 12, 16–18