Daily Scripture: Day 131—Esther 4

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Esther 4

When the Jews heard of the decree for their elimination, they cried out and mourned with fasting and sackcloth. Mordecai was among them, and when Esther heard he was wearing sackcloth, she sent Hathach, one of her attendants, to learn why Mordecai was mourning. He gave Hathach a copy of the decree and told him to request that the queen make intercession for her people. Esther responded that to go before the king uninvited would be to risk her life, but Mordecai sent word that her life would be forfeited with the rest of the Jews’ if she did not. Esther agreed to go to the king after the Jews in the city fasted three days for her.

Lord, You sovereignly orchestrate opportunities for Your people to participate in doing Your will on this earth. I ask that I would have the insight and courage to lay hold of the opportunities You bring so that I will not miss out on Your intentions for me.

Meditation passage: verses 13–14