Daily Scripture: Day 132—Esther 5

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Esther 5

After fasting for three days, Esther prepared to go before the king. When he saw her in the court, he favorably raised the golden scepter and invited her to approach. Asked to make a request, she invited the king and Haman to a private banquet. At the banquet, the king again invited her to make a request, and Esther asked them to come to another banquet on the following day where she would reveal her request. Haman was delighted with the apparent favor he was receiving, and proudly recounted his position and privileges to his friends. When Haman said that all this was sullied by the disrespect of Mordecai, his wife suggested he have a gallows built and ask the king to have Mordecai hanged on it.

Lord, I thank You for the wisdom of Esther in contrast to the folly of Haman. In Your time and ways, the proud will be brought down and the humble will be raised up. May I seek the grace of humility and dependence upon You rather than the folly of arrogance and independence.

Meditation passage: verse 8