Daily Scripture: Year 3, Day 14

From Handbook to Scripture


Abraham’s careful instructions to his servant reveal the concern he had in finding God’s intended bride for his special son Isaac. He knew that he and his family had been called by the Lord to be a representative people through whom all the families of the earth would be blessed, and he did not want disobedience or expedience to corrupt this godly line of destiny. Rebekah, for her part, discerned that more was involved in this than an ordinary arranged marriage, and she took a risk in going with Abraham’s servant to meet his son Isaac.

Prayer: Lord, the Scriptures affirm that when people are willing to obey You by walking out into the unknown and trusting in Your guidance, You always honor their faith. Let me maintain the proper object of faith by fixing my eyes on Jesus and pursuing Him with a whole heart.

Meditation passage: verses 40, 48