Daily Scripture: Day 140—Job 39

From Handbook to Scripture


Using a series of questions about the glories and wonders of His manifold and varied creation, the Lord taught Job that God alone is in control of the created order. In chapters 38–39, the Lord refers to the earth, the sea, the sun, snow and hail, the wind and rain, the stars, lions, mountain goats, wild donkeys, the wild ox, the ostrich, the horse, the hawk, and the eagle. Each of these wonders reflects the handiwork of God and transcends human wisdom and power. Through these questions, the Lord reminded Job of his frailty and finitude and of his need to turn from his own wisdom to that of the omnipotent and infinite Lord of all creation.

Lord, when I reflect on the multitude of mysteries that surround me, I realize how foolish it is for me to question Your ways and doubt that You are in sovereign control. If You order the cosmos, I can surely trust You to order my life.

Meditation passage: verses 1, 5, 9, 19, 26–27