Daily Scripture: Day 162—Proverbs 7

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 162


Proverbs 7 and 8 contrast folly and wisdom by personifying them as two radically different women. The woman of folly is portrayed as a seductress who flatters the naïve with her words and who presents herself not only in open places, but also in dark corners. She can be subtle and persuasive, and she seduces by appeals to pride and rationalization. Her speech is enticing and persistent, and those who are lured into the trap of folly never think about the disastrous consequences of the way that leads to death.

Prayer: Lord, may I keep Your words and treasure Your commands within me. The lures and entrapments of the way of folly are ever present, and I know that yielding to the seductions of money, sex, and power would draw me away from You.

Meditation passage: verses 1–5