Daily Scripture: Day 165—Proverbs 31

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 165


Proverbs concludes with a number of precepts and comparisons by Agur (30) and Lemuel (31), ending with an acrostic (the first letter of each verse consecutively moves through the alphabet of 22 Hebrew letters) depicting a wife of noble character in verses 10–31. This portrait of a wise woman is a timeless and ever-relevant model for women. She is intelligent, creative, industrious, prudent, and discerning. She plans carefully and makes informed decisions that benefit others. She manages her household with diligence and grace, and she looks to the Lord as her source of strength.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for this portrait of the woman of virtue, dignity, diligence, and grace. I thank You that in every time and culture, these principles can be applied by those who seek You first.

Meditation passage: verses 30–31