Daily Scripture: Day 168—Song of Solomon 1

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Song of Solomon 1

This beautiful homage to the love that germinates and blossoms between a man and a woman stood out among the 1,005 songs written by Solomon (1 Kings 4:32) as “the Song of Songs.” It is a literary masterpiece of oriental symbolism, layered metaphors, and rich imagery that eulogizes the glories of romantic love. This song is intimate, but it never sinks to vulgarity in its portrayal of attraction, desire, pleasure, consummation, separation, companionship, and growth in the relationship between lovers. The physical and emotional aspects of marital love are a gift from God, and they are designed to be enjoyed in an others-centered way.


Lord, this poetic portrait of love between a man and a woman also points beyond itself, by way of application, to the intimate relationship You invite us to have with You. I ask for the grace of increased passion for You.

Meditation passage: verse 4