Daily Scripture: Day 174—Jeremiah 18

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Jeremiah 18

Jeremiah was called to the unenviable prophetic ministry of urging a rebellious people to repentance for nearly five decades without any significant positive response. Instead, he experienced public humiliation, was put in the stocks, was forced to flee for his life, was thrown into a cistern, and was misunderstood by virtually all who encountered him. In spite of his frequent discouragement and pain, he remained faithful to his calling and endured to the end. He is a striking model of faithfulness and steadfast endurance in the face of opposition.

The sign of the potter in Jeremiah 18 is an object lesson that illustrates the opportunity God gives His people to repent before they are judged, and their stubborn refusal to do so.


Lord, I do not want to walk according to my own plans or follow the vain imaginations of my heart. May I be responsive to Your call and return to You when I stray from Your ways.

Meditation passage: verses 6, 11–12