Daily Scripture: Day 179—Ezekiel 37

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 179


After Ezekiel was divinely commissioned to be a prophet to the Jewish exiles in Babylon (2–3), he delivered a series of prophetic condemnations that focused first on Judah (4–24) and then on the surrounding nations (25–32). The final section of Ezekiel’s prophecy (33–48) was delivered after Jerusalem’s destruction, and turns from the theme of condemnation to a message of consolation. God’s judgment came just as He promised, and His promise of the future blessing, gathering, and restoration of Israel will just as surely be fulfilled. The dramatic vision of the reanimation of the dry bones anticipates the restoration and purification of Israel and Judah, and the book concludes with details of the new temple, the new Jerusalem, and the new land (40–48).

Prayer: Lord, I thank You that You are faithful to Your covenant promises in spite of the unfaithfulness of Your people. I am grateful for this vision of restoration, renewal, and the reign of the coming King.

Meditation passage: verses 3–6, 12–14, 26–28