Daily Scripture: Day 180—Daniel 1

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Daniel 1

Daniel is an extraordinary book because of its sweeping overview of the rise and fall of the kingdoms of men, its anticipation of the kingdom ruled by the Messiah that will never fall, and also because of the character of the prophet himself. Daniel’s remarkable life from his teenage years to the time of his old age illustrates a variety of biblical principles that are relevant to our lives as people who live in a culture that is hostile to spiritual growth and commitment.

Daniel’s personal background and preparation is presented in chapter 1. Daniel and his friends remain faithful to the Lord and refuse to compromise their convictions during the time of their training for service in Babylon.


Lord, the example of this faithful and godly figure challenges me to honor You and avoid areas of compromise in my life. May I walk before You in dependence on the indwelling righteousness of Christ.

Meditation passage: verses 8–9