Daily Scripture: Day 192—Amos 9

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 192


In a series of five visions (7:1–9:10), Amos pictures the coming judgment on the northern kingdom of Israel. Because of Amos’ intercession, the first two judgments of locusts and fire will not take place. In the vision of the plumb line, Israel is like a leaning wall; in the vision of the basket of ripe fruit, Israel is rotten and overripe for judgment.

Amos is an extraordinarily concise and penetrating prophet who multiplies oracles and images to hammer home the solemn theme of inescapable judgment. Only in the last five verses is there a message of hope and promise. The three promises at the end of the book (9:11–15) are that God will restore the line of David, rebuild the nation, and renew the people.

Prayer: Lord, You are faithful to keep Your promises in spite of our unfaithfulness. May I order my steps before You and walk in hope.

Meditation passage: verses 5–6, 13–15