Daily Scripture: Day 201—Habakkuk 3

From Handbook to Scripture

READING: Habakkuk 3

When Habakkuk saw the growing wickedness in his countrymen as they shamelessly disobeyed the laws of God and openly distorted justice on every level, he wondered how God could allow this to go on without bring Judah to judgment. God’s answer to his question was that He was raising up the Babylonians as His rod of judgment on Judah, but this answer only increased Habakkuk’s confusion. The Babylonians were even more violent and depraved than the people of Judah—how could God allow this? God’s second answer helped him better understand the goodness, perfection, wisdom, and power of Yahweh. With a clearer grasp of the person of the Lord, he had a greater capacity to trust the purposes of the Lord. Thus, Habakkuk could conclude his book with confidence rather than complaint, and with praise rather than perplexity.


Lord, I want to live by faith and by hope in You, especially in times when the circumstances surrounding me make me question whether You are in control and know what You are doing.

Meditation passage: verses 17–19