Daily Scripture: Day 204—Haggai 2

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READING: Haggai 2

Haggai’s second sermon was a word of encouragement that, in spite of the small scale of the second temple, its glory would be greater than that of the former temple, and it would be a place of peace (2:1–9). The third message of this book is addressed to the priests and concerns purification from the contamination of sin and the need for obedience (2:10–19). The final oracle reaffirms God’s plan to overthrow the nations of the earth (2:20–23; cf. 2:6–7).

Haggai called the Jewish remnant to the realization that God actually increased their hardships to get their attention, and to cause them to look to Him rather than themselves for the meeting of their needs. If they would seek Him first and honor Him by finishing the temple, God would bless them and provide for their material needs.


Lord, may I look to You and not my work as the source of my provision, knowing that You use my work as a means, but You are the source. I know that when I forget this, I will be tempted to put my security in money by planning according to income rather than according to priorities.

Meditation passage: verses 4–9