Daily Scripture: Day 213—Matthew 21

From Handbook to Scripture, Day 213


More than any of the other Gospels, Matthew emphasizes the Jewish background of the life of Christ and assumes its readers have a detailed knowledge of the Hebrew Bible and of Jewish customs and religious traditions. Matthew also stresses the teachings of Jesus, and 60 percent of its 1,071 verses contain His spoken words. These include two of the three major discourses of our Lord, the Sermon on the Mount (5–7) and the Olivet Discourse (24–25); the third is the Upper Room Discourse in John 13–17. This Gospel is highly structured with thematically arranged sections that present Jesus’ miracles, parables, questions, and discourses, and it converges on the central theme of mounting opposition by the religious leaders to the Person of Jesus. Their rejection of His offer leads to the climax of the book in His death, burial, and resurrection.

Prayer: Lord, may I consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that I will not grow weary and lose heart. I give thanks that You loved us so much that You sent Your Son, and I am grateful for His loving obedience to Your will.

Meditation passage: verses 5, 9, 21–22